About Us

Funky Buff™ is home to iconic multifunctional headwear buffs with inspirational designs.

Our brand has a versatile open ended character which allows anyone to attach their unique personality to our buffs and wear it in a myriad of ways as illustrated in our Style Guide.

Soft, breathable, lightweight, microfibre fabric blend of cotton & polyester that offers you all day comfort. Use your Funky Buff™ as a fashion accessory, to sport or just because the designs inspire you!

Worn by the pool or at the beach with your favourite pair of swim shorts, on a night out or on your travels – we want Funky Buff to be an iconic piece of your attire that you can't wait to wear. 

Inspired by creating something unique, we want you to love wearing a buff, creating moments of fun, freedom and adventure.

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Each of our designs have a unique profile, choose one which best suits you or someone that you aspire to be.

Honey Badger | Dragonfly | Dodo

Honey Badger Buff  This design was inspired by the fearless nature of this little animal. Intuitive and agile, they roam the plains of Africa and Southeast Asia. If you can relate to the characteristics of being motivated and fearless then click here to view the Legendary Honey Badger.

Dragonfly Buff  This design was inspired by the delicate, dainty and fragile aesthetic appearance of a dragonfly while still having the ability to fly. If you have unlocked potential then click here to view the Beautiful Dragonfly.

Dodo Buff  This design was inspired by its exotic island lifestyle, this animal represents a character that most people love. If you are sociable and enjoy a good laugh then click here to view the Socialite Dodo.


Our vision at Funky Buff (Pty) Ltd is to positively impact the lives of people through our inspiring designs.